Euro 7 Brake Dust Solutions and Related Brake Testing Applications

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Greg Filer

Market Manager Non-Exhaust Emissions


At the end of last year, the EU Commissions proposed the new Euro 7 standards to reduce air pollution from new motor vehicles to improve air quality, protect the health citizens and the environment. To reach these goals, the standards will include emissions limits for all types of vehicles from passenger cars to buses and trucks – also including brake emissions.

While Euro 7 sets the emissions limit, the Global Technical Regulations draft UN GTR-GRPE 2023/4 describes the methodology on how brake emissions need to be measured. As a member of the Particulate Measurement Program (PMP) HORIBA has been involved in the development of a commonly agreed method for sampling and measuring brake wear particulates, setting the framework for Euro 7. Other regions such as the USA and China, are also investigating particulate standards, similar to those in Euro 7.

This webinar will provide an updated summary of the brake emissions regulations in Euro 7, as well as our measurement solutions to conquer this new challenge. Additionally, the opportunity will be taken to showcase further brake testing possibilities such as saltwater testing, regenerative braking, and brake-by-wire. 

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