my-PV / Sunamp Partner webinar (English)

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Reinhard Hofstätter, Msc

Product Manager | my-PV

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Robert Gandia

Business Development Manager | Sunamp

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Tallal Butt

International Sales | my-PV


Immerse yourself in the perfect symbiosis of high-quality heating solutions! The innovative thermal battery by Sunamp merges seamlessly with the intelligent control systems from my-PV. The compact & precise heat storage of Thermino by Sunamp is optimized by my-PV's smart controls, ensuring maximum efficiency of your PV system by diverting surplus power to the thermal battery. Discover the future of electric heating, where Sunamp and my-PV work together to keep your home warm - reliably, energy-efficiently and always tailored to your needs.


- Description and functions of Thermino

- Self-consumption of PV energy with my-PV devices

- Hot water and heating with photovoltaics

- Integration of Sunamp’s Thermino and my-PV

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